No Oven Chocolate Cake [Only 3 Ingredients]

Heyyy! Has quarantine bored you to death yet :)) If yes, share this video so I can get to 2M subscriber, okayyyy? XD Today, I’m gonna do a tutorial on this super yummy AND easy chocolate cake using only 3 ingredients. This recipe is inspired from Indonesian cuisine Today’s main ingredient is gonna be Oreos (probably not sponsored lol) We need 28 Oreos with the cream (or 66 crusts) (this part can’t be translated into English :’) I’m sorryy) Jk lol that’s 46- no 56 outer crust thing 😂

Remember to take the cream out and put it aside I said put it aside, not eating it all :))) This is also going in the cake :)) After that, put them all in a ziplock bag and SMASH it, smash until it’s all dust 🙂 If you have a blender, use that so it’s quicker. If you wanna be a horsy hoe like me then smash it by hand :)) Look how soft it looks :)) Subscribe and share the video so I can hit 2M soon, okayyyyyyy? After abusing the cookies, put it in a bowl Throw in a teaspoon of baking powder and mix it up The other day my aunt saw the recipe says put in a teaspoon of salt. She put in coffee instead :)) I can never understand her (in Vietnamese teaspoon is actually coffeespoon lol)

Pour in a cup of milk (’bout 245ml) Mix it until the powder is dissolved A teaspoon is called coffee spoon in Vietnamese because it’s usually used for coffee in Vietnam. Not because you should add a teaspoon of coffee in everything you cook or I’m gonna faint :)) Put in the cream from the cookies earlier. You actually need to put it in with the milk but I forgot so adding it in later is ok :))) This part is a little annoying because the cream is hard to dissolve. But it won’t take long :))

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This time it actually won’t take long, I swear 😆 If the cream is being stubborn and won’t dissolve, just use a strainer and throw it away If you have a blender then don’t even bother, throw it all in and blend it until it’s smooth :))) I’m just showing off and being a horsy hoe :)))))😆 Use a THICCC pan and smother cooking oil all over it for non-stick purposes. And then put in baking paper (you can also use normal office paper) Pour the Oreo mixture into the pan Turn on the stove, put a thiccc pan or something to even out the temperature on top of the stove Next, put the bear pan with the Oreo mixture on top of the other pan. Remember to put on a lid. If you don’t have a bear pan, you can’t make it :))) Jk any pans are ok but make sure it’s thiccc :)) 😂 After that, just put it aside on low heat for 40-50 min I’m gonna pretend to watch BlackPink’s show :)) Test the cake by penetrating it with a stick (lol sorry not sorry) If the stick comes out dry then that’s cooked (dry, not cooked parts sticking to the stick because that is normal) Because we used cooking oil, the cake is really easy to take out.

We just gotta wait for it t cool off Done! If you want chocolate glaze, pour in 150ml of piping hot whipping cream into a bowl of dark chocolate. Mix it until it dissolves and when it’s cool, pour it on top of the cake This part looks so good :)) It looks so mesmerizingggg The reflection looks exactly like you :)) I’m decorating it with a little grated chocolate :))) Or you can use fruits if you want Goddamit :))) I swear I’ve never been this bad at decorating cakes :)) It was beautiful before and of course my horsy ass had to show off :)) And now it doesn’t even look like anything :))) Sad But at least it tastes great, looks okay :)) It’s still not as fabulous as moi :)) (hehe jk 🤣)

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Oh my god look at thaaaattt. She looks so gorgeous when cut up :))(no that does not sound suspicious at all) The cake is so soft and rich 🤤 It smells so good just like Oreos (oreos have flour, butter and sugar already so we don’t need to do much)🤤🤤 It’s not as sweet as Oreos because we added in a lot of milk and no sugar 🤤 It tastes go good with the glaze for a no-oven 3-ingredient dish 😍 Try it out! Don’t forget to join the FB group “Học Viện Bếp Bánh” to share your result and communicate with each other :))) Remember to subscribe and share the video so I can reach 2M, OKAYYY?? Thank you, and I’ll catch you in next time :))