CHOCOLATE VS REAL FOOD CHALLENGE || Eating Only Sweet 24 Hours! Funny Pranks by 123 GO! FOOD

These chocolates sure aren’t cheap! Hey! Shall we? Masks on! I’m in the mood for something sweet! Okay, a LOT of somethings!! She’s not looking, is she? And done! Hey! Were they holding my chocolates?! Thieves!!! Oh man, that was so close! And now we get to reap our rewards! Not so fast! You’re gonna regret doing that! Off you go! It’s chocolate challenge time! Huh?! Wait a sec… Gah!! I smell a challenge ahead. Me first? No, me! Play for it? My thumb’s stronger!! Ta-da! It isn’t real, is it?! Skulls totally freak me out! You’re crazy, it’s not real! Oh, thank goodness. “Tell me I’m beautiful!” It’s just a joke… And for me? A chocolate skull!! It’s huge!

And it’s all for me! Mmm, so delicious! Mind if I eat you, Mister? “Don’t bite too hard…” May as well get right to it! Yep, it’s chocolate, all right! Good chocolate, too. Mind if I have a bite? You’re not gonna share?! Now I’m super bored. The resemblance is uncanny! Too bad I can’t taste a thing. Unless… I have an idea. Huh? Oh god… SHE’S DEAD! Naomi’s actually dead!! How long was I eating for?! Oh, Naomi. HA! Guess my skull was useful after all! Aw, don’t pout. You know I’ll never leave ya! Alrighty, who’s first? Oooh! Chocolate specs, huh? I’ve never seen anything like it! But they sure look good to me! Mmm! Not bad! I can smell them from here! And for me? I don’t see any chocolate. These are pretty cool though. Hey, everything looks different! It’s like another world in here! Found ya, hands! But what’s out there? Thomas? And advertisting vietnam and kols

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What’s going on in there?! Thomas?! Hey, don’t leave me out!! Come back to reality!! Those things aren’t real, dude! Ugh! HEY!! Oh, I know! What?! These things are pretty cool. No wonder you didn’t take ‘em off! Hey, what’s that… WOAH! I got it!! Hey, gimme my glasses back! Aw man, you broke them! That’s why I don’t share stuff. I’m sorry! Lemme see these… Yep, they’re broken. Here, you can have ‘em. Look how sad he looks. And all I have is this! Why don’t I just share them! Hungry? I don’t mind sharing! I guess this break is okay. Mmm, this is delicious! Me first? Awesome. Fish? I’m not really a seafood person. Wait a minute. This is far from fish… Mmm!! Milk chocolatey goodness! Didn’t see that coming. That’s a real fish, right?

Doesn’t look anything like chocolate. This round sure stinks. Woah! It’s so beautiful! And look how it’s growing!! And changing! Hi, Thomas! I’m the magic goldfish! Can I make a wish? Hmmm… I sure am hungry. Look at all that candy. I wish for what she’s got! Yeah? Your wish is my command! This is awesome!! I’ll start with this little guy. How exciting is this?! Hello, sweet morsel! Mmmm… Thomas? Where’d those come from?! Gimme this thing. You grant wishes, huh? What is it you want, Naomi? More fish, of course! But on my plate… Your wish is my command! NICE! You’re not the only lucky one! I could eat a million of these. Ahh. What?! You’ve got more?! HA! No, more for me! No me! I’ve had enough of this. See ya! Hey, gimme! and find

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Thomas? Where’d he go? Wasn’t expecting that… Get me outta here!! Hehe! How’s the water, Thomas? Why don’t you tell me, Naomi? Let’s get this party started! Look how shiny it is! I’ve never seen anything like this! Gah! C’mon… UGH!! MOVE! GAH!! This is hopeless! Now I’m exhausted. Okay… It is real, isn’t it? Woah! Awesome! That’s so cool! I’m all decked out!! Wonder what I got! Definitely not gold. But I do love chocolate. This thing’s pretty big. Smells pretty great. Mmm! Gold sure doesn’t taste that good! But it won’t make me rich. So shiny… Hey! Can I have some? No, this thing’s all mine. Trade then? Oh, okay. A deal’s a deal! Okay, I guess it’s a fair trade. Bon appetite… GAH! That really hurt! This used to be in my mouth! Yum! Oh no… My super cool gold jacket! I should’ve never traded! This is not my favorite round. Ready to do this together? Holy potato! And chocolate? You get what you get, right?

Hey! What if I shake things up a bit? I guess. But I’d rather focus on mine. But I could use a little dip. I never say no to chocolate on chocolate! Ooh, so melted! This is gonna be so yummy! MMM!!! Yep!! Almost ready!! You okay over there, Thomas? Mind if I join the chip party? Classic potato’s more my thing. But for my dip? Spicy cheese! Don’t mind if I do! Oh yeah… So creamy!! Truly delicious. How’s yours, Thomas? Geez, he’s in his own chocolate world. If I wanna get his attention, I just have to spice things up. Hot sauce goes with chocolate, right? A few drops is all it takes.

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Time for a double-dip!! So good. Is it getting hot in here? OR IS IT JUST MY MOUTH?! Haha. Wait, he really needs help! Hold on, relief is on the way!! Hold still!! I think you got it all. Maybe that was a bad idea. Sorry about that, bro. Think you’re a chocolate fan? Then maybe you’d score during your own chocolate challenge! Let us know how it goes! Be sure to share this with your friends too! Watch these yet? Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you never miss out on the fun!