How to Temper Chocolate With Master Jacques Torres

I am Jacques Torres from Jacques Torres Chocolates. And I want to show you how to temper chocolates. When you get the piece of chocolate and you try to break it, you hear a snap. That chocolate is what we call temper. Let’s say that you want to dip strawberry in chocolates. If you use chocolate that you just melt, the chocolate will never really set. It will never be crunchy or shiny. So for dipping or for molding, we have to temper chocolates. So, first we need to melt the chocolates.


You don’t want the water to be too, too hot, otherwise the chocolate will burn. The only thing that melt in the chocolate is the cocoa butter. The cacao doesn’t melt. Some chocolate contains so little cocoa butter that when you melt it, it going to stay so thick that you cannot work with it. So you have to buy a high quality chocolates. Usually high quality chocolate contain enough cocoa butter. Keep stirring so the chocolate doesn’t come too, too hot on one side. That should take less than five minutes. The chocolate now is completely melted. The molecular fat in the chocolates are completely break down. We need to put them back together. We need start with crystallization. We take about two third of the chocolates and put in on a marble table.


Using a spatula, I am moving the chocolates around to cool down the chocolate so the chocolate starts setting. You can see now some pieces forming. I’m going to take this cold chocolate, and I’m going to put it back into the bowl. And it’s a little bit under 90 degree. Using my immersion blender, blend everything to break down all those pieces. The chocolate will start setting in less than a minute.

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You can see here, chocolate already set. Now, you can put fresh fruits, strawberry, dried apricot work really well. You can take a chocolate mold and just put that in the fridge for few minutes. I don’t know why that one says spank me. The more chocolate you temper, longer you’re going to have to work with it. As you can see now, the chocolate is becoming thicker. This is why I have a heat gun. Just remelt your chocolate. I’m going to put a little temper chocolates on my table here, spread this chocolates. And with a knife I can make little things to decorate a cake. OK, chocolate cigarettes. Voila. To check out another episode of Savvy, click here. And don’t forget to subscribe, otherwise no more chocolates. (lively music)