No…No! Hello? What are you doing with those? Do horses even like chocolate? GAH! I gotta check the kitchen! Emily? Is that you? Oops, sorry. Wanna bite? There’s only one left?! Whatever. No…stop… Gah! It was just a dream. I think… I can’t see her mouth. Hmmm My sweet baby chocolates are safe! Wait, it can’t be! They’re all gone! Oh, Emily?! You ate all my chocolate! You knew those were mine, you thief! I can’t believe you — HELLO! Some people here like to sleep!

That’s it. I’m shutting you girls up once and for all. Is that chocolate? Oh, I know exactly what you two need. Looks like we’ve got a new challenge on our hands! Light bulbs? This one looks kind of funky. And that’s probably ‘cuz it’s made of chocolate. Let’s see here… That’s chocolate, alright! I wonder if my bulb tastes any good. Woah! You really brighten up a room, Emily. I sure do, don’t I! Suddenly the chocolate isn’t as interesting. Anything? Looks like you don’t have the magic touch.

Let’s just see about that “touch” WOAHHH!!! It smells like something’s burning! Yep, it’s definitely you, Hannah. Ooh, let me grab that. On to the next round we go! Let’s do it! Is this golf stuff? But it’s made of pure chocolate! Is mine chocolate too? Aw man, they’re not the same. May as well give it a taste. Gaaah! It’s hard to bite but it tastes awesome! Now what? Mine is pretty hard… I know. It’s time to practice my golf game. Alright, let’s get this in one shot. And, boom! YES! You got it right in the hole! For this next round, let’s open each others! Plastic vs chocolate. Yum! What a cute little chocolate bar! Aw man. The first bite’s always the best! Now what am I supposed to do? I know… With this kind of cash, Mama’s heading to the mall. It’s not hard to look fabulous. As long as you’ve got plenty of money to spend. That was awesome.

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Woah, you in there, Emily? I wonder what the credit limit is on that thing… With that kind of money, I’d cover myself in expensive jewels. See these rings? They’re all mine. Woah. This kind of plastic trumps chocolate any day. Hey! C’mon, I could use a shopping spree! No! Well, looks like no one’s doing any shopping today. Anyone in the mood for some chocolate? Rock, paper, scissors! Scissors beats paper, sucker! Woah, chocolate hair supplies? It almost looks like real silver! Pretty cool, huh? Real scissors. Mine are totally better! Oh yeah, definitely better.

Anyone need a little trim? In fact, My dead ends could use a little cut! Careful, don’t chop too much! Who knew I could cut like such a pro? Who knew chocolate combs were so delicious? Emily?! Hold on, I’m almost done… Whadya think? Uh, it looks great, Em… No, no, no! Geez, I was just trying to help. That was a close one. One, two three, GO! Huh? What am I supposed to do with this? Looks like my mouth’s the new USB port! Well, what are you waiting for, Hannah? Give it a taste. Oh yeah, that’s smooth. Hey, I know what to do… Let’s see what’s on this thing! Mmmm… Woah! Is that Hannah? She posed with a cardboard Kevin?! Uh, Hannah? How’d you get a hold of those?! Take that thing out right now! It was for a play I’m writing… That was close… You’ll be mine one day, Kev. Nothing to see here… Just two girls, hanging out. I can’t really smell anything. Cheese!!! And it’s Swiss, my favorite. Did you get cheese too, Emily? Wait a minute… They can’t be the same, right? I can grate it just like regular cheese… Mine doesn’t work. And I think I know why… It’s milk chocolate, that’s why! What’s better, chocolate or cheese? Well, it depends what you do with it… Hello? I’ll get the usual please.

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Thanks so much, bye! And now, I must get to grating. Emily’s moved onto her grater as well. Woah! You really know how to work that thing! You expecting someone? Here’s $12.50 even! If you’re gonna eat cheese, do it right. And that means pasta and sauce, baby! Woah! A little heavy on the cheese, Hannah… That thing’s starting to look intense. But it probably tastes awesome. Get in my mouth, you cheesy goodness! Ugh that bite was way too big. That stuff stinks, I’m outta here! What’s happening on that end of the table… Stay over there, fingers! Ugh, let’s just do this. Is this some kind of chocolate blade? I’ve never seen anything like it! Woah, I wonder what I got then! A razor? What’s so special about this? I obviously scored this round.

I guess I could use a new one of these. Emily? You’re actually shaving your face?! This way I don’t have to go get a wax! It grows on your cheeks too? Oh relax, it’s just whip cream! See! Ah, now I catch your drift! Who needs this? I’m goin’ straight for the good stuff! Oh yeah!! It tastes even better with chocolate. This round was sweet for sure. Who’s first? Hey! To help us decide, Let’s flip for it! I call heads! And heads it is! Looks like Hannah’s going first after all. Check this out! And Emily got a coin too! Something’s different about this one… Probably because it’s edible! No, yours is real, Hannah! Blech!! Gross. Emily’s, on the other hand, tastes great. This is so unfair. Aw, sorry, girl. You can have this one! Hey, now I’m one step closer to that new car! Make that two steps! She’s gonna need a lot more than that. Would you ever take the chocolate challenge? Share this video with your friends and don’t forget to subscribe to 123 GO Challenge’s YouTube page so you never miss out on our awesome content!

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