This is How You Cook With Liquid Nitrogen — You Can Do This!

– Today on You Can Do This, liquid nitrogen day. (intense music) I love liquid nitrogen. I like using it a lot. You just gotta get a dewar that can hold it properly. Is this a vacuum dewar of liquid nitrogen? Wear eyewear. Wear gloves. Which I’m going to do even though I don’t like to. The main thing with liquid nitrogen, everyone thinks it’s super dangerous because it’s very very cold. That is true.

But, liquid nitrogen deaths in America are not because of the cold. Suffocation, not freezing, is the leading cause of death with liquid nitrogen. People will be working with it in a little walk-in fridge, with like nothing else in there, or in a closed, tiny room thinking that it’s okay, and then next thing you know they’re taking a little nap. So, ventilated area. Citrus, alright. The reason why we’re doing this, is, the pulp around the membrane is strong enough to handle when they’re frozen, you know, smacks. I have a grapefruit, I have a cara cara orange, and I have a blood orange. See that? Colors! Boom, boom, boom. We are going to bash these. Freeze them, and smash. Before, it takes a little bit of work. We are going to segment these out.

This part is a little bit tedious, because just to make the process easier on the back end after you smash and bash you want to take as much of this off as possible ’cause you’re gonna be picking it out later. Now we’re gonna do the cara cara orange. So cara cara orange have this rose note to them. They’re super delicious. And now we work on the blood orange. Blood oranges are great, they have a short season. There’s that sweet technique, if one’s giving you a hard time, you just eat it and forget about it, and move on. (dance music) God, I love citrus! Alright, that should be good. Now, comes the fun part. Safety first. Glove-os. El goggles. Hard hat.

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Alright, liquid nitrogen. We’re gonna pour it, and cover our special guys. So we’re gonna roll this around in here, we’re gonna make sure that everything is frozen solid. We don’t want any pulp. So, when you do it, it’s gonna stand up to being smacked around. You see how some are already flaking off right there? So what we’re gonna basically do is with all this citrus we’re gonna smash it up, and make confetti. So you’re just gonna smack it lightly. Don’t eat it while it’s still liquid nitrogen frozen. It will stick to your mouth, and it will burn. Remember A Christmas Story? When little dude on the (moans). That will happen here. Let this cool down.

Right? I got some mint leaves. I need the (whistles). And it’s hard when you want to do a powder to do it out of fresh herbs. But, if we use our friend here, liquid nitrogen, L-N, (imitating guitar) We’re gonna pour this over our mint. You hear that? It already sounds like potato chips. Just wanna make sure it’s all really frozen. We have this, like this. So you wanna work relatively quickly, because these herbs go from frozen to not frozen extremely quickly. You need parchment paper, rolling pin. That’s it. So you take these herbs out, whether it’s still very, very, very, very, very, very, very, frozen. You’re gonna take this. You’re gonna fold it over, before it has time to thaw. You ready? See that? That, there, is a mint powder. You wanna see how we use these liquid nitrogen techniques on a dish? Click here.

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