Turn Nutella Into A Chocolatey Pasta Dessert — You Can Do This!


Ladies and gentlemen, today we’re making pasta, but these noodles are made out of Nutella. For too long spaghetti has been for dinner, now it’s for dessert. (instrumental music) No flour, just sugar, water, Nutella, and a little something called agar-agar. Before you say, “Oh no it’s a powder, it’s a chemical.” This is actually a seaweed derivative. It’s often known as vegetarian gelatin ’cause vegetarians and vegans usually don’t like to use gelatin ’cause it’s an animal by-product.

This is actually made from seaweed, and it’s actually used in a lot of kitchens to thicken things and act as a gelatin. So, first thing we’re going to do is we got to hydrate that agar. That’s about a cup and a half of water, a heaping tablespoon of agar. If you want to be exact, it’s around 6.25 grams, and we’re going to put that in there. Now what we want to do, is when people are doing agar preparations, you have to put it in water, you have to dissolve it, you got to whisk it, and you got to bring it up to a boil.

Unlike gelatin, where you just kind of warm it, this you actually want to boil it, so it actually comes to life. So I’m just going to whisk this agar, no clumps, and I want to bring it to a light boil. We’re just using the gelatin affect to make dessert pasta. (metal scrapping) (upbeat instrumental music) So it’s boiling now, that means it’s active and we’re just going to dissolve this sugar in that mix, and I’m going to drop the Nutella in there. This is about 340 grams of Nutella. I’m going to to whisk it in there while it’s still warm. Now you got to work a little fast on this because this agar is very powerful, so as soon as it starts to cool it’s going to gel. This is a silpat which is a non-stick baking mat.

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If you don’t have one of these, you can just get a sheet pan and put plastic wrap down on it. I’m just going to dump this on the mat. And I’m going to use the squareness as kind of a guide. The goal here is to kind of just try to get an even layer as possible. See this part right here on the corner, that was laid down first, that’s already setting. See that, how I’m kind of moving it with my finger. As soon as this starts to cool, this is going to set. So you don’t have to wait a very long time. You just pop this in your fridge, you’ll know. You’ll feel like a very firm jello when it’s ready. But, I don’t even want you to wait the 10 minutes, so I’m gonna jam this in. I’m gonna pull out my less perfect one that I did earlier. So look at this. See that texture, right there? That’s your noodle, and you’re just gonna run these (whistles quickly) with a knife. I don’t want to put a lot of pressure on this knife going in here because I don’t want to cut through my mat. I’m gonna make them kind of thick. Let’s make them like a puffer dell. And look, that is a Nutella pasta noodle. Want to Lady and the Tramp it with me? No. Heat does have a little bit of affect on this, if it hits heat again pretty hard they will start to melt.

But it is pretty resilient in holding against temperature. How do you feel about that? Look at this. That is chocolate and hazelnut noodles. But, we’re not stopping there. We’ve got to get tomato sauce on top. All I did was take some strawberries and blend them. Like, that’s it. Sometimes, like, people want to put a jam or that on top, I didn’t want to do that, I just wanted to use straight, fresh strawberries, because listen, you already have the residual sugar in the Nutella.

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You also have the extra sugar that we added in. So I don’t want to compound that, right? I don’t want to get it too sweet. I want it to have a nice balance of sweetness, a little bit of tart in that, so I just blended strawberries, that’s it. It looks like marinara. A little on top, that thickness is gonna sit beautifully. What do we do when we have a little pasta? I mean, the guy comes over, “Do you want some Parmesean cheese?” Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba. Well, what looks like Parmesean cheese? Boom! Shredded coconut. It looks like Parmesan cheese (beep) This is so ridiculous.

Let’s lean into the cheesiness of how to play this dish. So I’m gonna take the top of a mint. I’m gonna put it just like that. So here you go. This is Nutella noodles with strawberry sauce and coconut as parm. That’s it, super easy. This one is the easy one. (upbeat music) if you like desserts that look like entrees, and more eye trickery, click here. And they gave me pizza dough with some eggs and hollandaise on top, and I was like, “This is not an eggs benedict pizza.” Why is there not a giant english muffin? Missed opportunity. (music)