Nama Chocolate [Only 3 Ingredients]

Hey hey everyoneeee. Valentine is creeping close so I’m going to make a suitable chocolate for this event Because I already know that y’all single and definitely not ready to mingle and I’m a nice person, so I’m gonna help you :))) Nama chocolate is really easy to make and only requires 3 ingredients First, we’ll prep 250g of dark chocolate, preferably “real” chocolate with a cocoa percentage larger than 65% If you don’t like the bitter taste of dark choco, you can still use choco with 55% cocoa percentage What I mean by “real” choco is couverture chocolate, and it’s not a name for a brand.

I have explained this ingredient before And usually, this type of choco is categorized by its cocoa percentage. The “fake” choco is compound chocolate. This type of choco doesn’t taste good and it isn’t good for your health as well Chop up your chocolate into small pieces and put it all into a bowl. If you’re lazy, and you are, you can just buy chocolate chips :))) Next, I’ll pour in 150g of whipping cream into a pot. Whipping cream makes the choco softer and creamier so it’s essential And with that is 50g of unsalted butter. Remember that it can’t be replaced by maragrine or salted butter Do you like my 3 cute little kumas :))) Remember to turn the stove to really low heat to slowly cook the whipping cream and the butter. And whisk it frequently bc whipping cream can be easily burnt When the butter is fully melted, wait for the mixture to start bubble up.

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Take the pot off the stove immediately when you see bubbles I’m going to pour the hot whipping cream into the choco bowl from earlier And then whisk it for the chocolate to melt. If the mixture isn’t hot enough for the choco to melt, you can put it in the microwave to reheat it But be careful or it will burn in the microwave, and it’d be super wasteful 🙁 If you’re a coward :), you can place the chocolate bowl into another bowl of hot water so it can warm the bowl itself and melt the choco for you 🙂 I’m using the 15cm rectangular mould for this recipe. Remember to prep the mould with some baking sheets so it doesn’t stick After pouring the chocolate mixture into the mould, punch the mould a few times so the choco can acknowledge your power and spread out evenly :)) And then put it all into the fridge for about 3-5h until it’s all set I’m just going to pretend like I’m reading here with my new book about smoked salmons from I Love Cookbook :)) Tadaaa, you can now cut into your choco that has fully set.

Use a ruler to measure it out, the bitesize should be 3cm After every cut, you should wipe the remaining choco on the knife and dip it in hot water so it doesn’t get messy The choco has just been taken out from the fridge so it’s still cold but still soft and can hold its shape. It will soften up a little more in room temp Nama chocolate is one of those dishes where I find super soft and delicious and can melt in your mouth instantly. It doesn’t melt in room temp in normal days If the weather’s super hot, you can add 4g of gelatin into the whipping cream mixture. It’ll help the choco hold its shape and not melt in hotter tempertures And for you single and proud peeps out there, this dish will be perfect for.. yourself :)) It’s too good to be eaten even :)))

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Whether you sprinkle on some cocoa powder on it or not is totally up to you. If you like to eat bitter choco, you should do it but you can still eat it bare like me Look at that beauty. It’s so smooth and soft 🙂 A single press from a butter knife is enough to cut through it The chocolate immediately melts in your mouth and the bitterness, sweetness and the creamy-ness combines into this perfection Instead of buying those weird arcade coin chocolate, make this and treat yourself instead :)) It’s so good and for what 🙁 It’s a hundred time better than those cheap choco and if you give this to your crush, they’ll probably just fall for the dish instead of you :))) The virus and its mutaions are starting to rise again here and everywhere else too, so remember to wear your masks and wash your hands regularly. Whether it’s Tet holiday/Chinese New Years or Valentines, you still shouldn’t go out, it’s not worth trading your life for a few hours of fun Anyways, don’t forget that I will be posting a new video about Bew and Bub on my kitty channel :))) Remember to subscribe to support me and my workkkk But for now, share this video and prepare to sharpen your cooking skills in the (probable) upcoming lockdown 🙂 Thank you all so much and bai baiiiiiiiiii~ Translated by: Souk (@someoneuknow04 IG and Twt)